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[onlove*street graphics]

[on love* street] icons and graphics
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on love street graphics

This is soapy_chk89 and myrevival's graphics community!
You can find goodies such as icons, headers, music videos, and mood themes here.

[*] Don't hotlink. It's just rude.
[*] Comment and credit if you decide to use. We know this is hard. We, too, were once LiveJournal users who had no idea how to use Photoshop and didn't credit or comment, but suck it up! Every time you do this, God gives a child a toy. So, yeah.
Give credit to soapy_chk89 or myrevival accordingly.
[*] Any requests are welcome as long as you supply a high-quality image. Preferrably 350x350px or larger.

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